Dr. Quinlan is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and a Core Faculty Member of the Interdisciplinary Health Psychology Ph.D. Program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her scholarly work relates primarily to issues of equality and to the structures that constrain and empower all who are involved in giving and receiving care within and outside the US medical establishment. Quinlan has published approximately 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and 15 book chapters and co-produced three documentaries in a regional Emmy award-winning series, Courage of Creativity.


Photo credit: Lynn Roberson, UNC Charlotte

As an Academic

Digital & Artistic Translation of Research

The Courage of Creativity trailer

The Acoustics of Care, a film from the Courage of Creativity series

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Selected Scholarly Service Work

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Selected Honors and Awards

Anita J. Taylor Article of the Year Award (2013)

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, & Gender 

Anita J. Taylor Article of the Year Award (2011) 

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, & Gender

National Communication Association's Disability Issues Caucus Top Paper Award (2011)


National Communication Association's Feminist and Women's Studies Interest Group Top 3 Papers Award (2008) 


National Communication Association's Ethnography Division's Best Aural and/or Visual Ethnography Award (2017) 


National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Emmy Awards, Ohio Valley Chapter

Nominee: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 | Winner: 2014

As An Educator 

Courses Taught


COMM 2100: Communication Theory 

COMM 2107: Interpersonal Communication 

COMM 3051: Gendered Health Communication 

COMM 3051: Narratives of Health and Illness 

COMM 3051: Interpersonal Health Communication 

COMM 3051/3052: Health & Media 

COMM 3115: Health Communication 

LBST 2214: Health & Quality of Life

LBST 2301: Critical Thinking & Communication




COMM 6000: Gendered Bodies in Health Communication

COMM 6000: Narratives of Health and Illness 

COMM 6011: Visual Ethnography

COMM 6101: Contemporary Issues in Communication Theory


Selected Teaching Honors

Bonnie E. Cone Early-Career Professorship in Teaching (2015-2018) 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Faculty Appreciation Reception (2012-2013 & 2013-2014)

Honoring faculty who have been recognized by ten or more graduating seniors for contribution to their academic career. 

Faculty Recognition by 49er Football (2017)

University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Mentoring and Supervision


36 Independent Studies & Internships


16 Graduate Student Independent Studies & Research Assistantships

Advisor or Committee Member to 27 Master of Arts or Doctoral

Theses, Dissertations, or Comprehensive Examinations


Doctor of Philosophy, Health and Organizational Communication 

School of Communication Studies, Ohio University 

Master of Science, Instructional and Interpersonal Communication

School of Communication Studies, Illinois State University 

Bachelor of Science, Psychology/Special Education 

Marist College