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Greetings in the Gap: Research-based (In)fertility Greeting Cards 

Based upon feedback and suggestion from survey participants, Johnson & Quinlan worked with Artist Rowan Reyes of Ursa Wild Designs and Graphic Designer Bo Rumbley to create greeting cards that are infertility experience-specific. These cards provide a means for friends, family, and loved ones of those undergoing the infertility experience, assisted reproductive technology, or other Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Experiences to provide support. 

Images courtesy of Johnson & Quinlan, Ursa Wild, and Bo Rumbley. 

Greetings in the Gap… was awarded the 2018 Creative Expression Award by the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, & Gender


1 in 8: Communication Infertility was reported on by Allison Latos of WSOC-TV (9) of Charlotte  (ABC Affiliate). Latos discussed the students' research and production process as well as interviewing Quinlan & Johnson concerning their research which led to this project. See the story at: UNC Charlotte documentary helps couples struggling with infertility



Involvement with The ART of Infertility 

"The ART of Infertility is a national arts organization based in Michigan. Founded in 2014, we curate innovative and emotionally provoking art exhibits to portray the realities, pains and joys of living with IF. We also design engaging curriculums to host art and writing workshops. We plan educational, outreach events. We advocate for infertility rights. Most of all, we provide support for those living in the shadows of infertility. Through art, we break the silence around reproductive grief and push back against common misconceptions. We invite you to join us in our fight to make infertility visible." -, About

Johnson & Quinlan's research-based (in)fertility greeting cards and 1 in 8: Communicating Infertility documentary are featured in The ART of Infertility.

Audio and image courtesy of ART of Infertility.

Contribution to ART of IF

Johnson & Quinlan wrote a post for The ART of Infertility's blog, ART of IF reflecting on their research projects and their experience as researchers and friends. 

Mingling (Infertility) Experience, Research, and Friendship



Charlotte Talks (NPR Affiliate) Appearance

Johnson & Quinlan appeared on Charlotte Talks as panelists alongside Dr. Lauren Johnson, a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, to discuss infertility in Charlotte, NC. 

Infertility in Charlotte




Contributions to Vital

Johnson & Quinlan have published two pieces in the "Racism in Science" series of National Endowment for the Humanities-sponsored magazine Vital: On the Human Side of Health ( 

Race, Racism, & Infertility  and Infertility Resources



Fertility for Colored Girls: Debunking Racial Myths by Narrating Stories of (In)Fertility

Johnson & Quinlan, along with students from a Communication Studies Master of Arts course acquired funding and hosted a panel discussion at UNC Charlotte concerning the racial myths of (in)fertility and sexual health. Panelists were Johnson & Quinlan, Rev. Dr. Stacey Edwards Dunn the founder of Fertility for Colored Girls, and Dr. Matrikah Johnson of Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte (REACH). Students and community members were welcomed to the event to hear discussion and pose questions during a question and answer portion. The event was supported by the UNC Charlotte College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Research on Women's Health Interest Group, the UNC Charlotte Women and Girls Research Alliance, and the UNC Charlotte Center for Professional and Applied Ethics. 

More on Fertility for Colored Girls